# Master of Freelancing

Master of Freelancing is an intensive one-day training programme for everyone aiming to embark on an independent entrepreneurial path as freelancers - contractors or external service providers. Participants of this intensive one-day course will learn about all the key areas any freelancer should master to ensure the successful management of his or her business in the long-term.

The one-day course covers the following topics:

  • Embarking on the path of an independent entrepreneur and organising yourself
  • Marketing, sales and attracting your first customers
  • Administrative, legal, accounting and financial aspects of doing business
  • Web tools designed for freelancers

 + Roundtable with successful freelancers

Participants of this intensive course will gain all the practical knowledge they will need - from how to best develop their own competences, attract customers, and prepare a proposal, to negotiating, selecting the right accounting firm, recovering unpaid receivables, networking successfully, and much, much more.

A detailed presentation of the four groups of programme contents is provided below:


1. Embarking on the path of an independent entrepreneur and organising yourself

The first group comprises primarily a presentation of the freelancer life style and provides information on how to organize yourself and your environment to promote successful work and creativity. This particular group covers the following contents:

  • The key differences between employment, entrepreneurship and contractual relationships
  • Making the switch to a contractual relationship: Sensible steps without any significant risk
  • Organising your work environment and office
  • Working in a co-working (shared working) environment
  • Facing hesitation and successful time management
  • Organising the business in the manner that is most suited to one's desired life style
  • Developing skills and life-long education
  • The strengths and weaknesses of such work, its major challenges and false conceptions
  • The habits of successful freelancers and tricks they use to remain motivated
  • A typical day in the life of a successful freelancer

2. Marketing and attracting your first customers

The second group of contents is devoted to building your own personal brand, attracting customers, drafting and implementing a marketing plan, and topics related to customer relationship management. This module is primarily devoted to practical tools allowing a freelancer to make contact with customers whom he/she can provide the maximum added value, which is reflected in the price of services. The following topics will be discussed in this second group:

  • The path to your first customer and what to do before you hand in your notice
  • Key marketing tools used by freelancers (business cards, website, etc.)
  • Building your own personal brand
  • Attracting customers through social networks
  • Attracting customers through global web portals (odesk, elance, etc.)
  • Attracting customers through foreign agents
  • Referrals
  • Networking for freelancers that leads to new business
  • Drafting a proposal, sales pitch or interview
  • Pricing services and negotiating
  • Managing customer expectations
  • Facing demanding customers
  • Public appearances skills and product pitching
  • Your own personal portfolio

3. Administrative, legal, accounting and financial aspects of doing business

The third group focuses on contents that freelancers are usually least familiar with, namely documentation management, administration, legal aspect of business and numbers. That said, this is an extremely important aspect of independent entrepreneurship that should be mastered by any freelancer. This group provides explanation of the most urgent and critical issues a freelancer should be aware of, as well as how to minimize all work that brings no benefits to the business. The topics discussed include primarily:

  • Legal forms of commercial entities and which one to select (limited liability company, sole trader, or something else?)
  • Managing documents in a company
  • Legal fundamentals for contractors
  • Drafting contracts and why these are necessary
  • Selecting the right accounting firm
  • Fundamentals of accounting and business finances for freelancers
  • Taxation and paying taxes
  • Money management
  • Debt recovery

4. Web tools designed for freelancers

The final, fourth group covers how a freelancer can enhance his or her productivity using web tools. Since a freelancer has the major advantage that he or she can usually work from any location, the successful organization of virtual operations is of key importance. The following tools will be presented:

  • Virtual office
  • Project management: Basecamp and other tools
  • CRM: Highrise and other tools
  • To-do list: Google Tasks and other tools
  • Notes: Evernote and other tools
  • Managing accounting and finances: MinMax and other tools
  • Documents in the cloud: Dropbox and other tools
  • Web presentation: Wordpress and other tools
  • Receiving payments: PayPal and other tools
  • Sending e-mails: Aweber and other tools

This one-day course will conclude with a roundtable as the fifth group of contents, at which successful Slovenian freelancers will share their knowledge and experience, and provide recommendations for your independent business path.

The programme aims to assist talented and ambitious individuals on their first step along their independent path and self-employment, as well as to reduce unemployment levels (primarily amongst the young) by spreading knowledge and promoting proactivity.

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