# Freelancer desks

Desks can be hired for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months, depending on when the entrepreneur or company plans on needing its own office. 12 months is the maximum tenancy term. Freelancers can rent a desk for up to one year.


Who can hire a Start:up Geek House co-working desk and what are the conditions?

  • The potential tenant must be at least slightly geeky or a rockstar entrepreneur, innovative, open-minded, motivated and always in action. We like people who speak little and get a lot done.
  • The desk must be used on a daily basis. This is not a virtual office service. Each company/team can use up to four desks (exceptions to this rule can be made).
  • Companies using the desks become members of one of the SIO partners in the Start:up Slovenia initiative. Ideally, companies should participate in Start:up Slovenija initiatives such as iTime, the Start:up Slovenia competition, and Go:Global.
  • Ideas and companies active in the following industries shall have priority access: ICT, Creative Industries, Life Sciences, Clean Tech.

PRICE: other cities € 50 + VAT per month, in Ljubljana € 80 + VAT per month

Elvisa Basailović
01 620 34 01

Tehnološki park Ljubljana

Tehnološki park 19

1000 Ljubljana

Matjaž Jug
041 360 399

KIKštarter – Občina Kamnik

Fužine 9

1240 Kamnik

Nova Gorica
Mitja Mikuž
05 393 24 50

Primorski tehnološki park

Mednarodni prehod 6, Vrtojba

5290 Šempeter pri Gorici

Urban Lapajne
02 229 42 78

Tovarna podjemov

Ulica škofa Maksimiljana Držečnika 6

2000 Maribor

Murska Sobota
Marjetka Jakob
02 530 82 36

Pomurski tehnološki park

Plese 9a

9000 Murska Sobota

Zagorje ob Savi
Dejan Zupanc
03 56 60 500

Regionalni center za razvoj d.o.o.

Podvine 36

1410 Zagorje ob Savi

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