Who says start-ups can find better conditions abroad? We are offering:

EUR 75,000 EQUITY INVESTMENT In cooperation with the Slovene Enterprise Fund, as part of the SK75 grant scheme, we help companies acquire a EUR 75,000 convertible loan.

The SK75 product is meant for startups in the stage of finding their product/market fit, with a developed prototype of the solution that they already tested with the first customers or earlyvangelists. They need capital to further test hypotheses and functionalities, and to establish contact with potential customers.

SGH BOOTCAMP Launching a company demands a lot of entrepreneurial know-how and familiarity with various tools. Our three-month programme provides all the know-how you need for entrepreneurial success.
START-UP MENTORS Our network of start-up mentors is comprised of the best Slovenian and foreign tested entrepreneurs, who work as mentors helping you achieve success and make your vision a reality.
FACILITIES As part of the programme, your team will be able to make use of co-working facilities at seven locations throughout Slovenia. These facilities are specialised for start-ups and allow you to easily cooperate and establish contact with other entrepreneurs and our administrative and support staff.
RECOGNITION Throughout the accelerator programme we will help you gain media recognition and promotion both in Slovenia and abroad. At the same time, our network will help establish contact with potential partners and customers.

Descriptions and contacts of all recipients of a convertible loan SK50 and SK75 in the years 2014 and 2015 can be found in the CATALOG.


We have designed a straightforward process in order to optimise the energy you invest in every step while at the same time providing incredible added value in the form of knowledge acquired, feedback received, new contacts and developing one's entrepreneurial skills.


STEP 1 - Roadshow

Before every selection cycle, we organise Roadshows (see the calendar) around Slovenia where you can get all the information you need first-hand. You will be able to meet successful Slovenian entrepreneurs, start-up mentors, learn about the way the accelerator works and the conditions of acquiring public funding and support. The Roadshows will also provide guidance on how to apply to the pre-selection process.


STEP 2 - Written application and brief pitch

The written application comprises questions referring to your idea, product, technology, team, innovation, potential customers, marketing, competition, finance and some other areas. All entrepreneurial teams that file their application will be invited to a brief pitch (since personal contact is key in any investment). In the Autumn 2016 cycle, applications will be accepted by 8 September 2016 through the central national website of the public start-up support ecosystem prijave.startup.si. 


A pre-selection panel will assess the applications and brief pitches. Two factors will be assessed, namely the team's potential and innovativeness of the idea, technology and market potential. Every team achieving a favourable assessment will have the opportunity to prove itself at a working weekend. Entrepreneurial teams achieving at least six out of ten points will be invited to the working weekend.

STEP 3 - Startup weekend

The purpose of the working weekend is to get to know the entrepreneurial teams, assess their ability to make incredible progress in a short amount of time, and to prepare for the final assessment of the entrepreneurial teams in the pre-selection phase and pitch in front of private investors.

The working weekend programme comprises:

 - Motivational lectures

 - Specific training workshops:

  • Lean and agile company fundamentals
  • MVP and rapid prototyping
  • "Business Model Generation"

 - Active work:

  • Active work on developing the business idea
  • Preparing a pitch before the panel and private investors at the demo day
  • Assistance and guidance in drafting tender documentation
  • Networking with the start-up mentors and other start-up entrepreneurs

STEP 4 - Demo day

The Demo day is where all companies that successfully completed the working weekend get to pitch. At the demo day the companies pitch to the pre-selection panel assessing the pre-selection applications, as well as to the private investors our accelerator actively works with. Up to 20 private investors are expected to take part in the demo day, including angel investors, venture capital funds and strategic investors.

The assessment is based on criteria relating to the executive team, the market size and growth, innovation and technology, idea and business model concretisation and the quality of the pitch. In the second assessment phase (after the working weekend), an additional 30 points can be gained (in addition to the maximum ten points that can be gained before the working weekend based on the application and pitch).

In the pre-selection phase, entrepreneurs can thus gain a maximum of 40 points, all of which count towards the SEF tender.

STEP 5 - Submission of the tender documentation

The demo day is followed by the submission of tender documentation for a EUR 75,000 convertible loan and expert support. Our advisors will actively help all entrepreneurial teams draft the documentation.

An administrative review of the documentation will be performed, focusing on whether the documentation fulfils all formal tender criteria, and will then be assessed by the SEF panel according to the following criteria:

  • Cash amount of capital contribution into the company
  • Whether a private investor is on-board or not
  • The company's financial status (indebtedness)
  • Market size and growth
  • Innovation and technology

All applications favourably assessed will be invited to conclude an agreement with the Slovene Enterprise Fund on the convertible loan.



STEP 6 - Start:up Geek House BootCamp programme

Companies that succeed in acquiring funding are then invited to take part in a three-month programme that provides all basic knowledge on building start-ups according to state-of-the-art "lean and agile" methods.

The training is comprised of ten meetings with the following practical contents. In addition to providing a theoretical framework, the modules mostly involve practical work with lecturers and mentors:

  • Lean and agile company
  • "Get out of the building" philosophy
  • Product and user experience
  • Marketing
  • Company organisation
  • Operating metrics
  • Business model
  • Entering foreign markets
  • Financial management
  • Corporate financing

STEP 7 - Startup Mentor

Based on the publicly available list of start-up mentors, each company will make clear its preferences for one start-up mentor, who will provide the entrepreneurial team with active assistance in company development and growth.

The start-up mentor, advisor, representative of the Slovene Enterprise Fund and company management (operational and technical director) comprise the expert panel, which is to meet at a minimum every quarter (better still, every month) to guide company management and assist in key strategic decisions.


STEP 8 - Administrative assistance of the advisor

Every investment (even of public funds) carries reporting obligations and similar administration. We have also addressed this issue, thus allowing the entrepreneurial team to focus 100% on developing its business idea.

Each company will be provided administrative, financial and promotional assistance by an experienced entrepreneurial advisor, who will help draft reports, coordinate national and international promotion, the expert panel, and similar.


STEP 9 - Your very own entrepreneurial success story

Further down the line the accelerator will help provide access to additional funding (SK200, private investors) and assistance in global breakthrough. We work with more than 50 international entrepreneurship support organisations who will help you break through to foreign markets.

We only work with the best throughout the whole process! Contact us for any additional information you may need.


Additional information:
If you need any additional information do not hesitate to contact us on info@geekhouse.si.



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